Guide to Hospitalization

To Those Being Hospitalized

  1. Those who have been diagnosed as requiring hospitalization by a doctor, please follow the hospitalization procedures at the general reception window.
  2. Those with reservations for hospitalization, please come to the general reception window the day of your hospitalization date by 10:00 AM.
  3. Please be aware that times may shift earlier or later depending upon the state of testing and surgery.
  4. Those admitted to the hospital in an emergency without regular hospitalization procedures are asked to complete the procedures as soon as possible.

※ If you cannot be hospitalized on the date your hospitalization was planned, please let us know early on.
※Please contact the reception desk if you have any questions or uncertainties.


What to Prepare
What You Need for Hospitalization Procedures
Health Insurance Card, Personal Seal, Related Items
  • Health insurance card / patient registration card / personal seal
  • Applicable beneficiary certificates (certification of specified diseases, disability, infant, parent-child, atomic bomb survivor, or Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application)
  • Self-declaration
    If you have visited another hospital exactly three months prior to this hospitalization, you must submit documentation.
    Please inform us if your health insurance card has changed or if you have lost any certification.
Hospitalization Insurance Form
*Please fill out in your own handwriting.
  • 2 guarantors
  • Member of patient’s household (1 name)
  • Someone living independent of the patient in another household in Ibaraki Prefecture or nearby (1 name)
Hospitalization Deposit We will collect a hospitalization deposit, and upon your release will settle the account.
(Please keep your deposit verification slip (patient receipt) secure.)
* Excludes those under the Livelihood Protection Act.
* Payment by various cards is accepted. (Credit cards / debit cards)
* A deposit verification slip (patient receipt) will be issued, so please keep it secure until you are discharged and settle your account. Note that the deposit verification slip (patient receipt) becomes invalid after you are discharged and settle your account.
Types / Fees General (With Health Insurance)
Without Health Insurance
Outside Health Insurance (Expenses)
Childbirth Direct Payment System 200,000yen
Without Direct Payment System 580,000yen
Medicine Handbook and Current Medications Being Taken * For your current medicines, please turn these over to your ward pharmacist or nurse when hospitalized without taking or using them.
What You Need for Hospitalization

Amenity sets have been introduced at this hospital. For details, please inquire with your ward nurse.

Note that if you are bringing your own items, please make sure to bring plenty of the following below:

  • Towels, face washing goods, bathing goods, dining utensils, dishes, pajamas, underclothes, footwear (safe items with a heel), diapers, daily goods, etc.

Points to Note During Hospitalization

Hospital Life

While hospitalized, please follow the directions of doctors and nurses.

Hospital Life

Safe boxes are available, but do not bring large amounts of cash or personal valuables. This hospital takes no responsibility for their safe-keeping and you must manage it on your own.
Use headphones for the television outside of private rooms.
3.Recuperative Environment
Please cooperate in keeping the ward rooms organized and clean.
Please use the provided washing machines and dryers located on each ward floor.
5.Cellular Phones
Respect manners, and make sure not to cause a nuisance to others.
6.Going Out / Sleeping Outside
Permission from a doctor is necessary. Consult with your doctor or nurse.
Food will be as directed by your doctor. Additionally, please refrain from bringing in your own food and drinks.
Lights-out is at 9 PM. Please turn off your lights and go to sleep.
9.Smoking Prohibited
Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and all premises.
10.OK to Bring
Please refrain from bringing electrical and electronic devices. Also, do not bring any potentially dangerous items such as scissors and knives.
11.Visits to Hospital
In principle, during visitation hours the parking lot is paid parking.
12.Natural Disasters
In case a natural disaster occurs, evacuate as directed by hospital staff.
13.Hospital Rooms
Your hospital room may suddenly change depending upon certain circumstances. Please be aware of this in advance.

About Visits

Visiting Hours
General Ward
3 PM ~ 7 PM
Saturdays / Sundays / Holidays
12:30 PM ~ 7 PM
2C Ward (HCU)
All Days
11 AM ~ 11:30 AM
3 PM ~ 4 PM
6 PM ~ 7 PM
Obstetrics Department Ward
All Days
3 PM ~ 7 PM
Visitation Restrictions

Under the Personal Information Protection Law, we may place restrictions on visitation. Additionally, depending on your medical condition visits may not be allowed. Please consult with your nurse.

Visiting Area

In the common room, we ask that you do not inconvenience other patients.


When you hear the announcement that visiting hours are coming to an end, please leave promptly.

Preventing Infections

Those bringing children are asked to do whatever possible to prevent the spread of infections.

Hospitalization Costs
  1. Costs incurred during hospitalization will be issued a balance statement the next month on the 10th (or the next business day, if the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday) whose deadline is the final day of each month. When your balance statement is delivered, please pay it at the medical treatment payment machine. (Periodic billing)
    * Payment times: Weekdays 8:30 AM~5 PM Saturdays 8:30 AM~12:30 PM
    Please pay with the 1F medical treatment payment machine or at the payment window.
    * Outside the times listed above, pay at the medical treatment payment machine at the 1F emergency reception, or at their window.
  2. The receipt issued upon your discharge will be the amount of medical expenses after periodic billing until your discharge date.
  3. You may use debit cards (bank cash cards) or credit cards (JCB/VISA/BC/AMEX) for payment.
  4. The balance statement issued upon your discharge will change depending upon when your statement can be issued and when you are formally discharged, but in regular circumstances the statement will be ready by 10 AM on your discharge date. (We will notify you once your balance statement is ready.)
  5. Those being discharged on Sunday or a Holiday, please choose one of the following. (Payment in advance of discharge date)
    * Your balance statement will be issued before your discharge date. Pay with the medical treatment payment machine or at the payment window.
    Note that settlement may occur at a later date, and we will notify you in such case.
    * We will notify you before your discharge date of the approximate amount to pay. We will deposit the approximate amount, and at a later date, properly settle the difference.
  6. If anything is unclear, etc. about the balance statement, please inquire at the ward office window.
Medical Certificates, Others
  1. Those requiring medical certificates of hospitalization, etc., please inquire at the ward office window. We may not be able to issue some certificates until you are discharged. Please be aware of this in advance.
  2. For hospitalization certificates issued the day of or after your discharge, please inquire at the general reception window.
  3. Do not hesitate to consult with anyone regarding your medical condition, tests, nursing care plans, or second opinions.
  4. Please ask a staff member when using the facilities inside the hospital.
  5. At this hospital, medical and nursing students are conducting training and actual practice. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  6. If you are unclear regarding anything about shops, restaurants, or the library for patient use, please ask a staff member.
  7. Tipping for hospital staff members is strictly prohibited.

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